Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Grinchy Gift Card Holder

Those of  you who read my blog will recognize this little Grinch.   He used to be on a Candy bar, but now he is a Gift Card Holder!  Perfect for this time of year, and I think the Grinch will be cute for my teen-age  nephews and nieces.
I used a template that I have used many times before for cocoa packs and candy bars.  It is the Pull-up  Treats template from splitcoast stampers.

 I changed the dimensions to fit my gift card.  The size I used is 4 1/4 by 5 1/4.  I scored along the 5 1/4 side at 1 1/2 and 3 3/4.   I used a piece of sticky strip along the bottom to pinch it closed.  Flip one side closed.

Then add more sticky strip along the inside of the still opened side and then flip that flap closed.

Add a hole to the opened end.

You  need the hole to go all the way through.  If your punch can't go though all the layers, as mine can't, here is what I do.  Punch through one side, then move the punch to the other side and look through the first hole you  made.  When you see the hole maker thingy through the punched hole, you know you are lined up, so go ahead and make your hole on the other side.  Hope that makes sense, it does in my head but that doesn't mean it does to anyone else :)
I then decorated the holder with the Grinch as I made him last year.  Here are the parts.
You can barely see the little nose made from the owl Punch's feet.
Here is how I made the trim on the hat.  Punch a small strip of white from the scallop square punch.  Then, slide the punched part back in and line up the scallops and punch again. tricky, but once  you get the hang of it, not too bad.

I also added a band of designer paper around the gift card holder, to sort of anchor the Grinch.   My favorite stamp to use with the Grinch has to be "Even the Naughty Deserve Something Nice!"  This stamp is from the "Tag's till Christmas" set, which is such a great set for any mood of Christmas tag, fancy, pretty, traditional and silly. 
Now, to make the pull treat work, you need to wrap ribbon around your gift card, and push it into the holder.

Bring the ribbon ends through the holes from the inside to the outside.  Then make a tie or knot.  Add your tag.  All done!

Pull the ribbon to make sure you have no snags and give to your lucky receiver. 

I hope you enjoyed today's post!  Happy Stamping!!  Isn't it fun to make things you know will bring a smile to someones face? 


  1. Just too cute! A friend of mine wants me to make her a punch art Grinch after I showeed her yours last year. Thanks for the reminder. Now do I decide on a candy bar or a gift card? We really don't exchange presents so maybe a a Grinch book mark? We will see! Thanks for sharing your talent with us.

    Chris R. from Iowa

  2. So many new things here to do..anyone lucky will receive it...that's same what i want to do in Gift Card envelopes..thanks for sharing it.

  3. These are fantastic. I was doing a Grinch Pills item in the past, but the punches I used are now retired. Thank you so much for sharing your how-to. I especially love the tip for the trim on his hat.


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