Saturday, March 23, 2013

This and That

Introducing a fun new product from Stampin' Up!!  A Smashbook/Journal/Scrapbook type thing.  Use it to capture memories and ideas as you go.  You can jot down thoughts, ideas you want to remember, a doodle or sketch of your day and a memory of times with friends.  But, its not as formal as a scrapbook, the pages are in the order of your busy life.  Keep it in  your purse to have on hand when you want to capture a thought or memory.  Totally fun!  And there are lots of co-ordinating products.  Check out the Video...

The Journal has a super cute hexagon embossed design.  The papers and stickers are in fabulous colors.  The washi tape is cute and practical, so you can tape down an add from a magazine or a menu from a restaurant, maybe a ticket stub?  And check out that date maker stamp! So cool.  I do need that.   I think this is a cute thing for those senior class trips or going off to college, a perfect gift. 

You can get it all separately, or save 15% off retail by getting the bundle.  I am doing the bundle, but getting an extra pack of paper and stickers because they are just so cute, I am sure I will want some for card making as well.   This will be in the next Big Catalog in July, but you can get it early at this special price now through April 30th.

As always, let me know if you have any questions! I am always happy to help. 

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