Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Spinner Hands

Have you ever passed up a stamp set and later regretted it?  There was a cute stamp set a year or so back called "Take a Spin".  I thought it was cute at the time, but never ended up getting it.  Recently I was looking at items on the Clearance rack and I saw the spinner hands.  They are now just $0.79 a pack.  Super fun, but bummer, the set is discontinued.  Well, My Digital Studio to the rescue!  I noticed that the Take a Spin set is available digitally!  Yippee.    And, when I downloaded the set I had another fun discovery!  Not only does the digital version come with the spinner boards, but it also comes with all the elements individually.  What I mean is, the original stamp set was only 4 large stamps.  The digital version is 41 stamps!  Fun!  So, I opened a blank page in My Digital Studio, and added the finished spinner card stamp.  Then I colored the stamp with the coloring tool. 
Once I was happy with my coloring, I clicked OK.  Then I copied and pasted two more so I had a total of 3.  I sized the stamped image to fit my 2 1/2 in circle punch.  Resizing a stamp is another super fun thing to do in MDS.  I did the same thing with the Birthday spinner stamp, and then printed them out on my printer.
here they are printed out.

Here is how I assembled the Birthday cards.
Here are most of the other included stamps...
Graduation, wedding, anniversary, lots of good stuff!

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