Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Big MDS Sale Going on Now!

Are you digital yet?  If not, you really should give it a try.  The My Digital Studio software is only $19.95 now!!  It's a great time of year to get started because you will surely be taking loads of vacation photos, summer fun, family reunions, back to school,, etc!  If you love paper scrapbooks, I get it, I do to.  I resisted digital for a REALLY long time.  I bought MDS when it first came out, but didn't touch it for over a year.  I finally decided to do it, and WOW, I love it!!   One of the things people say about digital is that its not as creative or its less personal.  With MDS this is not the case.  Sure there are templates to stick to if you don't feel like creating on your own. BUT, Stampin' Up! has made MDS so close to paper crafting its crazy.  Do you like to use punches to make cute little punch art animals or images?  In MDS you can cut your punches and layer them just like real paper (but, you can also resize them, which you can't do with real paper) I made little leprechauns in MDS and real paper and they both turned out cute.  Check back in my March archives to see.  And, you can create on the fly.  You don't have to get out all your papers and inks and spread them all out over your table.  You don't have to devote a few hours to it.  Just turn on the computer and work for a while, save your work and get back to it later. 
There are NO RULES.  Let go of the notion that you need to scrap in order, or that if you started in paper you need to stay in paper.  I let go of those ideas and it was really liberating.  I have paper pages next to digital pages in my books.  The idea of scrapbooking is to capture the memory, to relive the memory.  If its a chore or stressful, its not a fun creative outlet.  Love paper?  ME TOO!  I made a paper page last week.   I love both!   You don't have to be one or the other.
If you bought MDS but haven't done much with it, I suggest going to My Digital to watch some tutorials.  And check out the sample gallery.  And, go to my Digital Cuts blog to see some of the fun things I've been making with MDS.  I am also working with the MDS Monday challenge blog, so go check that out too!!
Oh, and the real reason for my post today!! MDS Print Products and Select Downloads are now on sale 25% off through June 15th!!!  And, I have some duplicate content CD's that I've earned throughout the year.  Purchase MDS during the month of May and be entered into a drawing for a free MDS Content disk.  These disks were hostess and Sale-A-Bration incentives. They have papers, Stamp brush sets and embellishments I have 4 so there will be 4 winners!  


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