Monday, June 24, 2013

A Thousand Thanks

I am finally playing around with the new "In Colors".   I have to admit, they were not my favorite collection.  I've really liked the past groups, with the deep colors.  I still miss Poppy Parade and Concord Crush.  This new collection is very soft.  I knew I would like Strawberry Slush, and the colors themselves are all very nice, but they just sat on my desk, poor little colors!  Then I got the new Ribbon this week!  WOW is that ribbon pretty!! It's ruffle-y  and slightly stretchy and just beautiful!!  I just had to use it ASAP!   So, since I was in a new products mood, I decided to use a new stamp set and the new clay molds as well!  My first attempt at the molds went pretty well.  I read on some message boards that it was easier to remove the buttons from the molds if you set them in the fridge for a bit, so I did that.  I was surprised by how light they are, and even the next day they are still slightly squishy, more of a foam than a clay.  The clay was very easy to color.  I just added some drops of re-inker to a bit of clay and mushed it in a plastic baggie. 

This little bit of clay was enough to make 5 buttons, so I am happy at how much you can make with the pack of clay, it seems it will last quite a while.

Look at that pretty ruffle!  And I really like how the colors work together!  I am sure I will be using the new colors a lot.  I am glad I gave them a try!!

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