Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Harvest Treats

I made these fun "Harvest Treats" to use as party favors at Thanksgiving.  What do you think?  I was trying to call them "Indian Corn" but they are not quite the right shape for corn, so I'm going with "Harvest Treats" :) 

Edited in 2016 to add more current Stampin' Up! product and a video

I started out by filling pastry bags with candy corn and harvest colored M&M's.  I bought the pastry bags at www.clearbags.com 100 for $10.
The bags are pretty large, so I only filled them about half way or I would have needed a ton of candy.  

I tied the top and cut off the excess.

I used corn husks from the grocery store to wrap them.  I had to really look for them, they are used to wrap tamales and they didn't have them at the grocery store I regularly go to.  I tried a specialty market near by and they had them, as well as the largest produce section I have ever seen.  I guess I learned it is sometimes a good idea to venture out and go to new places.  They had cactus, 8 different kids of bananas and fruits I've never heard of! 

I tied the candy bags up with strips of the corn husks.

I made the tags with the fun Tags 4 You stamp set!  It  has a matching punch and when you get the stamp set and the punch together, you get 15% off! 

Fun?  Not quite "corn" but still a cute addition to my Thanksgiving table. 

The item number for the bundle is 133294 $26.95 clear mount, 133293 $30.95 wood mount.  page 37 of the holiday catalog.
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  1. These are adorable! You should live in Arizona like me. I can't go to a store that doesn't have tamale wraps! :) If you ever can't find them, let me know! ;)

  2. I think they're perfect! We have lots of corn husks here in New Mexico too!


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