Saturday, September 20, 2014

Frightful Wreath

Hi Everyone!!  I had so much fun putting together my Frightful Wreath kit this week!!  It is really a nice project and I can't wait to do this at class next week.  For the few of you buying kits but not making it together with us, I thought I would share some photos so you can see how to put it together. 

You get everything you need to make the wreath except adhesive and ink, and the Frightful Wreath stamp set, which is an optional add on.  I will have this at class.  If you don't have the stamp set you can use any Halloween stamps you may have, or letter stamps to spell out any fun words like "trick or Treat", "BOO", "Happy Halloween"  or whatever else you can come up with.  The only Adhesive I used is my Hot Glue Gun.  The first thing I did was add some hot glue to the wreath and then adhere the garland wrap end to the glue.   Then begin to wrap until you are all our of garland.  Now you can go back and spread your garland out evenly until you like it and then add some more hot glue to the ends, you can also add some in the middle if you want.  Then add some hot glue to the web in several places and press it to the garland.   Once I had that all out of the way, I went for the spider!   I love the spider!!
Find a paper plate or bowl to put all your beads in so that they don't go rolling all over the floor.  I used my paper piercing mat, which worked perfectly since it is a bit spongy. 

Start with the head.  Add a bead cap, then the bead and the other bead cap.  Now do the same with the larger bead cap and purple bead.  You will need to then bend over the end of the wire so that the beads can not fall off. 

Finish off the end by making a a loop with some heavy tweezers or pliers. 

Now add your legs.  Fold the four thin wires in half so you know where the middle is, then wrap them around the middle of the body.

Here are all my legs wrapped around the body.

Use the small beads in a pattern on the legs. 

Add a twist in the end to keep the beads from falling off. Repeat on the rest of the legs and you are done!!

The center comes pre-scored so you just need to fold back and forth, back and forth until you reach the end, which comes with an adhesive strip already on it.

Here is what it looks like finished.

Add some black ink to the doily with a sponge. You wont see the center so you just need to do the outer edges.

Assemble your center piece. I just used the hot glue gun since it was out on my desk. 

There is a per-punched hole in the accordion medallion, so you can attach your ribbon and hang the center piece from the silver web.  The kit comes with some silver thread to hand your medallion and attach the spider. 

When I first made the wreath I attached the spider like they did in the instructions, but I just love that spider and thought it needed to stand out a bit more, so I decided to hang it from the web instead.

If you would like to make the wreath with us next week we are meeting on Monday night at 6:30.  Cost is $30 (included the kit plus tax).  I have a couple spots left. 
If you are not close enough to me you can still purchase the kit and make it on your own, it is super fun!!

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