Friday, October 3, 2014

Frankenstein Candy box

I got a Frankenstein Candy bar holder at a demonstrator event last week.  So cute!! I loved it and just had to make more.  A demonstrator named Teri Lyn brought it and she said she saw the box online at a Stamped Silly and made it into a fun Halloween treat holder.   I pretty much kept to Teri's design but added some bolts to Franky's neck.  Not sure that makes that much of a difference but I thought it was fun.

The box is made with the envelope punch board (dimentions on the blog link in paragraph above).  Isn't it amazing how much you can make with that thing?  Just do a search on YouTube and you will be amazed.

Inside you can add a full sized candy bar, such as Snickers or Milky Way.

I used the Fringe Scissors to make Franky's hair, then my paper snips to give his bangs a Frankenstein cut.
A black maker is perfect for some stitching.

Silver Brads were used for the bolts.  When placing the brads into the cardstock only open the backs of the brads at the tips so that they stick out from his neck.


  1. Beth it's Teri and I am shamefully posting this from work so I am posting anonymously. LOVE the upgrades. I considered bolts but making 50 to send to college kids...also, I haven't sent mine yet so I think they will all get haircuts.

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