Thursday, February 5, 2015

Valentine's Day Lollipop Mustaches

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and if you are still trying to get an idea, here is a fast and easy one.  I have posted this a couple years in a row now, but it is cute and in case you are new to me or Stampin' Up!, I thought I would post it again!   The Officially Awesome Valentine's from Stampin' Up! is super cute, and since it's digital, you can buy it and use it right away!  The files are SVG files so if you have an ecutter, you can even print and cut them out right from your computer.  If you don't have an ecutter, they are easy to print and cut out by hand, as I did. 
There are 4 different Valentines and a cute envelope too.  4 postcard downloads, one envelope, and  22 SVG stamps all for just $3.95.  The components that make up the Valentines come all made up but also seperately, so you can use the cute owl or heart flowers on other digital projects as well.  Notice the branch in my blog header, its from this download!  And I have used the other elememnts on numerous other projects.  I have cut out a lot of those mustaches over the past couple years!

I printed and cut out the mustaches, then punched a hole for the lollipop to go through.

You can put the treats in a cellophane bag or just use the postcards with out treats.  The O "fish" ally card is great with Swedish fish or fish crackers.

A scrapbook page from a couple years back. 
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