Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Paint jars

Quick post today!  I start a new semester of Drawing class today! YAY! I thought I would share a card I made to send in my payment to the instructor.  I almost didn't send it because I thought maybe I should have drawn the mason jars, it is a drawing class after all, but in the end I sent it in.
The little paint brush is not a Stampin' Up! stamp, its one of the very few non-Stampin' Up! items I own! I don't even have the package anymore so I can't tell you the name but it is by Illustrated Faith.
I barely did any drawing things over the summer, too hard with the kids home. I did do a couple silly fun things, so I thought I would share them here since I did paint them with my Stampin' Up! ink pads and Aqua Painter!!  Art class is my fun thing where I get to be the student, and it's not a graded thing or anything, just for fun, so no stress, which is good because I'm not sure what sort of grade I would get :) 
First I made this cat with coffee.  I saw one like this on Pinterest and had to make my own.

Then I saw this fun mermaid on a box at Starbucks and decided to make that too.  I made it for my daughter Jillian who always plays "mermaid" in the tub and the pool. 

I showed it to Jillian and she said that it was 'highly inappropriate",
so I made need to add a top :) 
To get the border around the edges I used another Stampin' Up! product, my Washi Tape!  I painted the mermaid then taped the edges and painted the background. 

Well, off to class!

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  1. I love your work here! I may even be able to make a paint jar! I saw the beautiful Starbuck's mermaid today and if Jillian doesn't want it you can tell her you know someone else who would take it!! Hugs to you Beth.

    1. Thanks Wendie! Jillian wants to keep it but put some stickers on her for a top! But when I said I could just give it to someone else she said "NO!! I want it" so I guess she is giving in on the issue :)


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