Monday, November 7, 2016

Stampin' Up! On Stage event

Hi Everyone!  I am back from the Stampin' Up! On Stage event where I had a great time with some of my Stampin' Friends!  The event was in Madison Wisconsin so I just drove up.  I needed to be there the day before to set up the card samples that I made as a display stamper.  Here is me pointing to my name on the display stamper sign!  I was lucky to be chosen to be a display stamper once again, which meant that I was given a collection of items to use to make some samples with. I was assigned the Party Animal suite.  The Party Animal suite is a fun collection of Birthday stamps, papers and embellishments, and a fun set of dies that includes a pop-up feature! i was thinking to myself that this is a fun collection since I have three children, but then I realized, EVERYONE has a birthday!  We all have birthdays and we all know people and they all have birthdays, so really this is a set that is great for everyone!  Did you get into the "I'm Bringing Birthdays Back" campaign?  I did, I have been sending out a ton of Birthday cards this year!  I have noticed that my children get fewer and fewer real birthday invitations and instead get 'evites' and online gift cards. With all the yucky mail that we get these days, bills, advertisements, and lately political postcards, wouldn't you like to get a pretty card for your birthday or an 'I'm thinking of you' card just about any day?  I would!!

Funny story, there was a gamers convention going on at the same time as our Stampin' Up! event and as I was wandering away from our area in search of coffee I came across so many crazy characters! Some scary, 99% of which I didn't recognize.  I finally came upon a familiar face, a stormstooper, and asked if there was coffee on this planet.  He said I had obviously lost my way and needed to return to my own universe. So true I said, but I needed fuel first.   They did let me take their photo so I could remember them when I made my return journey to my Stampin' Up! universe.  I was actually wearing Princess Leah hair just 6 days before at a trunk or treat event at our Church, and the same sweater I see too!

  Back to the stamps!  This is my display!

These are the items we received at check in.  We also got a stamp set but I ended up bringing home a few and I don't remember which one I got in my bag,  My name badge had four ribbons on it this year!  I usually only have one or two so that was nice.  You earn ribbons for sales, recruiting, promotions and leadership.

This is my product haul.  I actually got another stamp set and now I can't find it :(  I am hoping it is just tucked somewhere odd and it will turn up.

These were our make and takes. 

 One of my favorite things, the new watercolor markers.

 Really cute new Valentine's stamps with a collection of framelits.

 The paper here is really hard to see, but it is really pretty paper with a Bokeh effect.  The stamps are pretty for weddings and the dies are very frilly and make nice belly bands.

 And this card was a pop up, you can see the inside on the instructional slip.

 Another highlight was when my friend Mindy won the artisan award!  YAY!  Looking forward to some great projects from Mindy over the next year!

Over the next week or so I will be posting some close ups of the projects that I made for my display.  I hope that you will check back and see them!  Right now though, I need to focus on Christmas!!!  It's right around the corner!!  Are you ready??


  1. I was so happy to meet you, Beth!! Your samples were so fun. I have a bunch of photos of them for inspiration. And I love your recap. It makes me want to do it all over again (now - LOL!) :)

    1. It was great to meet you too! These events are always so much fun! Glad we get to do it twice a year!


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