Frequent Buyer Rewards Program

Hi!  I love to share what I love with others and so I am offering a shopper rewards program to my customers.

Anyone who has purchased from me during the year will get a new catalog when they come out.  You will get the Holiday and Spring Occasions catalogs as well as the Annual Catalogs delivered right to you automatically if you have purchased within the last year.

 If you are a customer who comes to my classes, you are aware of the Punch card program, fill up a punch card and get free products or your next class free.

If you are an online customer I would like to reward you as well.  I have started this Frequent Buyer program just for you.
To get rewards for being a frequent customer all you need to do is keep track of your purchases and select your stamp set.  You need to make 10 purchases of $25  to get a free stamp set of your choice (up to $25.00 value).  Purchases need to be made through me via my online store or you can email me directly (    You need to track your orders with my tracking sheet and when you reach  your 10 points you can let me know by sending the tracking sheet to me via email, mail or phone and I will order your stamp set to be sent directly to you.  Points are rewarded for orders in $25 increments.  For example, an order for $23 would not get a point. An order for $78 would get 3 points.  Two separate orders for $15 each would not get a point.  Make sense?  If not, please feel free to contact me with any questions!

You can print out my tracking sheet here.


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