Thursday, October 3, 2013

WHOOOO will owl be next?

I love the owl punch.  You may have guessed that based on my blog headers.  Yesterday I showed you an owl I made into a Witch.  Fun right?  Well, when I make owls, I like to make a bunch of owl parts.  I feel if I am getting out all the papers strips, I may as well make more than just one set of those tiny eyes.  I keep eyes and things in an empty button container.  Making the witch was so much fun I decided to make a few other "costumes" for my little owl.  Here are a few...
The Ghost was fun, I used vellum to make him look see through.

I rounded the top of a rectangle with the large oval punch. I pushed the vellum through the back of the punch, leaving half out of the punch.  Next I used the Scallop oval punch to make the wavy bottom of the Ghost costume, also going through the back and leaving the rounded top out of the punch. 

I laid the costume over the owl to mark where to punch out the eyes.
The cape on Super Owl was made the same way, only with the top of the scallop oval punch. .

This little devil was probably the easiest.  Simple punch out a red owl.  Cut off the feet  Cut off the ears and then flip them and glue them back on as horns.  To make the tail, put your red paper back into the punch, move it over the punched out body, then bump it slightly over...
Add the heart to the tip of the tail and your done. 
What will you do with your punches?
You can never have too many punches!!




  1. I love these owls! They're a HOOT!!!

    1. Thanks Wendie!! I love the owls!! My favorite punch for sure!


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