Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Project Life by Stampin' Up!

Hi everyone!  I wanted to share my Project Life by Stampin' Up! page today.  You know I love My Digital Studio, and the big majority of my photos are in a digital format. But I have A LOT of photos in boxes from years ago that are just sitting unloved. I had thought of scanning them into the computer so that I could create pages with them in My Digital Studio, but lets face it, just scanning them all would take days, maybe weeks even!!  And I have plenty of digital photos to work with already, so my digital love will be fulfilled anyway.   Here is where Project Life by Stampin' Up! is going to come to the rescue.  The whole idea behind this system is to make memory keeping super easy so that you spend more time enjoying life than you do documenting it :)  The pocket pages are sized to just plunk your photos right into them.  You can add to them with some embellishments if you want, but if not, it's still good.  No rules.  Where you don't have any photos, add a journaling card. The pocket pages come in an variety of configurations to fit your needs.  Step one is to start with the photos, after all, that's what the page is all about right?  On this page I was working with some photos of my children playing in the kiddie pool.  I noticed that my photos were mostly horizontal, so I looked for a format with mostly horizontal pockets.  I had a couple photos that were crop-able, so those were trimmed to fit in to the smaller pockets.  I was left with two empty pockets.  Step to, go through your pocket cards to find some that will fit your empty pockets.  These can be just colors that work, sometimes a break of color can help a busy page, or journaling cards to tell the story.  Journaling cards are important because you want to tell the story of the pictures.  You think you will always know who these people are, but then 40 years later you will be surprised to be unsure of just who that baby in the onesie is.    A few Sunday's back my mom was going through some photo boxes and asking my sister and I which babies were which.  Is this Ryan or David?  Sam or Tucker?  (Guess who just got a Project Life starter kit from their daughter this week?) So don't forget to do a bit of journaling.   Next add any extras you may want.  Maybe a sticker or a bit of trim?  Or just keep it simple.  On my page I just added a few sticker letters.  Here is a quick tip on lining up those letters.

Stick the letters onto a scrap paper or a post-it note.  Only stick the very bottom edge to the paper.

Now line the letters up on your card.  You can hover over the card until you feel happy with how you have centered you letters, then press them down.

Then slip off the scrap paper and press the letters down firmly.  Yea!  Nicely spaced letters. 

The page is really very simple.  I do love to make elaborate pages now and then and that's ok too, but they take time and only a few pages get into books when they are done that way.  With Project Life by Stampin' Up! I feel free to mix it up.  The pocket pages look great right next to a traditional scrapbook page and a digital page!  These are all made with Stampin' Up! colors and designs, so you can easily pair up the cards with your Stampin' Up! ink and papers.  The main thing is to get those photos out of boxes and into books that can be enjoyed by family and friends for years. 
There are lots of pocket card packages to choose from, even one for the upcoming holidays!  I think I finished 6 pages yesterday!  AND, The cards are also available in digital format!!! I can print out more if I need them and resize them too!  And what happens when you only have a few cards left so they don't work on any more pages?  Turn them into a greeting card!  Since the cards use all Stampin' Up! colors you can easily use the Project Life card on a card stock base to make a great greeting card too! 
If you have any questions about Project Life by Stampin' Up! please feel free to contact me, I am happy to help. 
Thanks for stopping by!

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