Monday, December 7, 2015

Christmas Carolers

Hello my Stampin' Friends!  It has been a WEEK since my last post and I thought I would share what I was doing, even though it is not really a stamping project.  I was tasked to buy commemorative ornaments for the kids who will are singing in the Christmas program at our church.  They have a dress rehearsal next Saturday and we usually do a little party afterwards. They get some pizza and decorate some cupcakes and then get a goodie bag with an ornament.  This year I and another mom were asked to handle the party and come up with an ornament.  Well, me being me, I had to make the task harder by making the ornaments.  I wanted to keep costs down, since I had to get a lot of them, and I wanted the ornaments to reflect the kids and singing in some way.  I didn't find any I liked and while looking on Pinterest I found some cute carolers, but they were bigger, made from toilet paper rolls, and they had knit hats, made from baby socks. I thought about how to make them smaller and cheaper and I came up with this.  I think they are cute!  I used clothes pins, which were so easy to paint and came in a pack of 40 for just a few dollars.  I had paint in my craft stash so that was easy.  Sharpie pen for the face and some felt and ribbon for hats and scarves.  The scarves are old Stampin' Up! ribbon from a couple Christmases ago or you could use some yarn.  The hats are made of felt.
 The little song books were made on my computer, printed out and glued together.

I cut out felt circles and divided them into threes. I added glue to one side and rolled them into cones.  I secured them with tiny clips until they dried.

I added a tiny pom pom to the end of the hat.  I also added a bit of cord to the hat so that it can be hung onto a tree.

I used a hot glue gun to add the books to the bodies.  The little carolers don't have hands :)  They looked really cute, all 30 of them singing on my dining room table.  My daughter Jillian came hone and saw them and was super excited, thinking that I had made her a whole choir of her own to play with.  
So, not a paper craft but I thought I would share since you are all crafty people as well!

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  1. Those are SO adorable! You clever woman! Thank you for sharing. I am craft crazy!


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