Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cookie Day!

No paper projects today!  I spent my day  making cookies with my friend Jackie.  We do it every year.  We make so many cookies, in many varieties.  My kitchen was a flour and sprinkles disaster a few short hours ago, and now it is all put back together again.  Poor Frosty the cookie, he is not going to get put back together again.  My melted snowman cookie is now in my sons tummy.  I saw these melting snowmen on "Pinterest" and just had to make them. I'm not so good at piping frosting, but I think they turned out adorable.
My husband asked why they had happy faces if they were melting, so I made a grumpy one for him.
We also made sugar cookies, spritz cookies, smore cookies, turtle cookies, haystacks, gingerbread, souvaroffs, and chocolate dipped sugar.  It was a very tasty day, but I think I will not make another cookie for a while!


  1. ACK! These are awesome!! I love the melting snowmen! You did a fantastic job, Beth! Thanks for participating in the challenge!

    Merry Christmas,



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