Thursday, December 5, 2013

MDS Blog Hop ~ Holiday Print Products

Hi Everyone!  It's MDS Blog Hop time again!  What is the MDS Blog hop?  Well if you are asking that question you are new to my blog :)  The MDS Blog Hop is a team of Bloggers who Love MDS and link our blogs together to showcase all that you can do with MDS.  This is such a talented group of ladies and I am super happy to be apart of it all!  Hopefully you are not saying "What is MDS?" but just in case I will tell you.  MDS stands for "My Digital Studio" which is  Stampin' Up's digital crafting software.  This week we are showing off some of the print products that Stampin' Up has to offer.  Last month print products were 30% off and I really took advantage of the sale.     Here is something I made to go along with some Christmas gifts for neighbors and friends.  This is a "Cookie Recipe Swatchbook"!  Yea!  Recognize the cover?  It matches the cookie tin lids I made a few weeks back (here)!  I love that MDS allows you to make so many coordinating projects! 
Swatchbooks have 26 designable pages for a total of 13 double sized pages.  The books also come with a thick clear plastic cover to protect the pages.   They are a great deal at only $9.95!  If you are making multiples of one project, you save $0.50 each on more than 5, and $1.00 off each if you  make more than 10.  I make these cookies for my family and neighbors, and so I decided to print 6 of these books.  I am also making a larger version that uses the easel calendar, so that it can be stood up on the counter while you make the cookies.  I will have to show you that later thought because I was not finished with that one until just a few days ago and I wont get it back from the printer until next week.   Back to my Swatchbook...
 I decided to make the front side of the pages have a picture of the cookies, then the back of the pages have the recipe.  I have been making Christmas cookies with my friend Jackie for 20 years now.   We keep a core group of cookies in the mix, then add a new one each year to give it a try, sometimes it stays, sometime we never make it again :) 
Here is Jackie showing off a family Favorite!

Here are some Melting Snowmen cookies that we make for the kids.

This is what the backs of the cards look like.  

Here is my swatchbook with the matching cookie containers.  I hope that my swatchbooks have given you some ideas for what you can do with MDS.  Do you take part in a cookie exchange? These would be fun for that.  Have a child on a sports team? You could make a pages with each team member on the front and their "stats" on the back.  Super fun! 
Well, now that you have seen my MDS project, Hop on over to the talented Holly's blog and see what she has made this week.  I am sure it will be great!  If you haven't come to me from Cori's blog, hop all the way around until you come back here to make sure you've seen the all!  We hope we inspire you!  Let us know what you think!

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  1. Such a darling gift! I made a swatchbook for my mom and she LOVED it!


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