Thursday, April 5, 2012

love you always

The Stampin' Up! My Digital Studio downloads often comes with some page templates or card templates.  I haven't used the premade pages before, always starting from scratch to make my own.  One reason for this is because I have been using a 12 x 12 page size, and the templates are often in other sizes.  But, I have learned to resize them! YEA!  SO, these next two pages are made from the Templates that were included with some downloads I bought! 
This top page is 100% a pre-made template.  I'm editing to add that I recieved an email from a blog reader letting me know that I wrote "you mean the work to me" instead of  "you mean the world to me" Freudian slip maybe? Thankfully, I hadn't sent this page to be printed yet :) and, since it's digital, I can fix it in a snap.
These snow pages are almost exactly like the templates.  I added a photo box and some more snowflakes, but that's it.   

I don't know why I resisted using the premade templates for so long! they are cute and best of all, already done!  If you would like to learn about Stampin' Up's digital scrapbooking program (its great for so much more too!)  please feel free to contact me! 

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  1. These are awesome! I never use the premade templates either but I'm going to check them out!


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