Friday, April 13, 2012

Super Cute Petite Purses!

I just love the new Die from Stampin' Up! called Petite Purse.  I was asked to make some party favors and had just bought this new die, so I thought I might as well use it.  Then I asked how many favors I needed to make and was told 30.  Did I really want to make 30 of these guys?  I decided to try one and see  how it went.  It was SO EASY!  I was able to put together all 30 in just two nights during the evening news.  And they are so cute. 
The die includes the handle, and you just need a bit of sticky strip to attach the sides of the purse together.  You can use a glue dot or a brad to attach the handle.  One of the great things about this little purse is the tab to hold the flap closed.  In the past when I've made little boxes and things, I've had to buy small magnets or Velcro dots to close the flap. This die has a built in tab and slot and it stays closed very nicely, yet is easy to open and close.  I filled the little purses with some Hershey Kisses, each purse fit about 9 Kisses.  You can make these as fancy or plain as you like.  I saw some very frilly purses made for a bridal shower.  I also saw one that was made to look like a fishing basket with some fish hanging out of it for Father's Day.  I needed to make 30 so I kept it pretty simple, but I see a lot of these in my future :)  I think I will make one for my niece's birthday.  It would be a cute way to give her some cash.

This purse is part of the Summer Smooches Collection. 
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