Friday, April 20, 2012


This is my nephew Jake.  He is the drummer for a band called Finding Valor.  I am surely biased, but I think his band is great.  My son and his friends listen to the band on our computer.  We had some early recordings from some events that the band performed at.  Now, they have announced some new free downloads of professional recordings, so I added that to my nano.  Its even more fun to listen to music when you personally know the band.  Once, my nephew was over helping to move a dyer, and he had a few buddies with him.  It was so cute to see my son David.  He said "Mom, that's the lead singer of Finding Valor".  He was pretty excited Andy was in our house.     Here is a link to the downloads, check them out! Finding Valor
Here is the band after performing at the Taste of Lombard last July 4th.  They were asked to perform at the event after wining the Battle of the Bands.

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