Friday, February 26, 2016

Join for the Discount?!?!

YES! Do you love to craft?  Probably if you are here the answer is yes!   I love it, and 11 years ago I joined Stampin' Up! as a demonstrator because I loved to craft, particularly scrapbook. I went to a lot of Stampin' Up! workshops and always bought something, usually quite a bit.  I would plan it out, say to myself, this month I will buy things in the 'Rich Regals' family and then next time I will focus on the 'Soft Subtles'.  I really wanted to have all the inks because I loved to have options, and I loved the papers and markers and ribbon and on and on.  The demonstrator I went to would tell me I should sign up, she told me I would get a discount, but I wouldn't do it.  I didn't want to sell.  I had a small baby and I didn't think I could do workshops or hold classes.  I didn't want to deal with paper work or some unknown things.  I just wanted to craft.  But I did want the ribbon, hmmm....
I finally did it.  She said I could sign up and not do anything else.  I could buy one time, twice maybe, then drop off the demonstrator lists.  That is what I planned to do anyway.  And I was my only customer for several years, and that was fine with me.  I bought what I liked and I saved a bit on my favorite supplies and all was good.   And you could stay right there.  That could be you.  Get a discount on your supplies, join an online forum of demonstrators sharing ideas and craft. That is all it needs to be and that is good for a great many people.  A majority of Stampin' Up! demonstrators are their only customer and Stampin' Up! has a path for the Hobby Demonstrator and considers you in good standing and is happy to have you.  That was me for years.

Then one day someone asked me to do a stamp camp for them.  I didn't really know if I wanted to or not, I was on the fence.  But, it was all people I knew, all friendly faces who liked to make cards and scrapbook and so I thought why not?  I gave it a try and people spent a little bit of money, enough for it to have been worth my while, and so there it began.  I did another one, then another.   I do about one a month, that is it.  I could probably bump it up to two or three a month with a little bit more effort, and sometimes I do, but mostly I just do the one.  Sometimes I do a craft fair, sometimes I am paid to make big quantities of cards or favors for an event or party and I make some extra money that way.  Then I decided to add the blog, and that has been good too. I found some more online friends and customers. I figured I am making the projects anyway, might as well share them.  I am not the biggest seller by any means, but I am no longer my only customer, no longer my best customer either.  At the end of the day I get my supplies mostly free because of what I earn and I get to stamp with nice people and have fun.   Some months I am really surprised by how much I made and I actually thought I was going to owe at tax time last year because my sales were so good but then I luckily had more deductions and attended the convention (which is a tax deduction! a tax deduction to be were I wanted to be! How great is that?) and I was good to go.  Maybe this could be you?  A Business Demonstrator.  There is a path for this as well.  You get a bit more in the perks here, a little bit bigger discount for one thing.  More functions during the year too.  Step your business up a notch when you can, take a break when you need, its all up to you!

Want to learn more?  Contact me with any questions you have.  I am happy to help you.  If you are near me I am hosting an Opportunity night to meet any one who has any questions.  I will be at the Panera Bread at the corner of North Ave and York Rd on Monday night, March 7th at 7:00.  I am not going to have a big sign or anything, just a table and my laptop so I can show you the demonstrator site, answer questions, chat.  I'll have my Stampin' Up! catalogs of course so you will know who I am if you are unfamiliar.  Come and say hello and have a cup of coffee with me, ask any questions you may have.  If you sign up during Sale-A-Bration (ends March 31st) you can choose $155 worth of product for just $99!!  It's a great deal weather or not you do anything further, so you have nothing to loose!
Plan on coming?  Let me know so I don't leave too early and miss you.  email me at

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