Thursday, February 18, 2016

Bringing Birthday's Back!

Birthday Cards that is!!  Some of you may be aware of a new campaign to bring the sending of birthday cards back into the norm. One of my favorite employees at the Stampin' Up! home office started her own little campaign a little while ago and it has grown into a big thing and Stampin' Up! even took one of her hand carved stamps and is making it into a purchasable stamp for this campaign.  Shannon was even on Good Things Utah to talk about her campaign, you can see it here. 
As I watched her on the show, I realized that she was voicing something I complain about all the time, the "evite" and the Facebook happy birthday.  Both things I complain about, but also both things I am guilty of! And I MAKE CARDS for goodness sake!!  So, I have made up my Stampin' Up! perpetual calendar, purchased a while ago and never put together, and I am going to resolve to send out those birthday cards!!  Want one??  Send me an email with  your birthday and address and I will send you one!
Have you seen the perpetual birthday calendar?  It is really cute!  It comes with a hard clipboard and 12 blank sheets of dates, one for each month.  It also comes with lots of embellishments and alphabet stickers and glitter and a sponge, ribbon, etc.

You can purchase the coordinating stamp set, or use your own to make the headers.  There are actually a couple fun sets that contain the months of the year, the Day to Day Project Life set and the Hello Baby Project Life set are great choices for calendars.  I have to say though that I really am glad I bought the matching set because of the 'sprinkle' stamps as I am calling them.
Check out those background stamps! The big paint swoosh is great for backgrounds as are all those little sprinkles!  Do any of you remember the background sets that were called sprinkles?  There was  a sprinkles one and a two, and then I think a seasonal sprinkles with leaves, snow and I don't remember what else.  Anyway I am dating myself :)

I bought this kit LAST YEAR and never used it and I am so glad I did because I forgot all about those fabulous sprinkles and the paint swoosh!  The stars would be great for July or for a kid birthday, maybe a sports themed scrapbook page.  The hearts, great for a wedding or a Valentine's day card, there are snowflakes for Christmas, leaves for fall, flowers and butterflies! splatter and dots! So great for cards and pages! 
There is a video on the project kit below if you want to see the individual pages close up. 

Purchase the Perpetual Birthday Calendar during Sale-A-Bration and I will send you a handmade birthday card using the fun sprinkles stamps!!

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