Monday, October 31, 2011

I should stick to paper :)

first attempt
My youngest son Zachary wanted to be Gumby for Halloween.  The problem is, you cant find kids Gumby costumes.  Kids today don't know who Gumby even is.  Zachary came across some Gumby shows on Netflix.  I checked online and I could only find adult Gumby costumes.  I figured I would just make one, how hard can it be right?  I mean, I own a sewing machine.  I got it when I got married 18 years ago and have only used it a dozen or so times, and only to make straight things.  I turned some shower curtains into drapes for the play room just a few months ago, so I should be able to make Gumby right?  I laid Zachary down on a roll of paper, and traced him.  I then thought I was so smart to add a few inches around my traced image for a seam allowance.  Problem is, Zachary is not flat.  I did not add any allowance for dimension.  Take two, only this time I traced his pajamas.  And I added a lot to that in hopes that the costume would be a little big so that he could wear some clothing layers underneath, in case it gets cold on Halloween.  This one fits a little better, but it still looks ridiculous!  Zachary, however, LOVES IT!  He was so happy he wore it all day Friday.  I'm going to be embarrassed when he wears it to school, but I have to let him.  How can I tell him to wear something else? He is happy with it and he has the cutest smile, so I will just have to deal with people seeing my crazy Gumby creation.  From now on though, I am going to stick to paper!  Happy Halloween everyone!!


  1. what a good mom you are! He looks adorable AND you can totally tell he's Gumby.

  2. That is the best costume ever!!!! To see him so happy was worth the do over. Great job.


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