Friday, November 25, 2011

Snow is coming!

Snow is going to get here soon, but not as soon as my son would like.  Every day he asks me if it will snow today.   The sky looked like it might snow today, but we just got rain.  Both my boys really like winter and enjoy making snowmen.  I have to admit that I do to!  I think I may actually invest in snow pants for myself this year!  They are sort of pricey for adults, but I think it will be worth it in the end. Anyway, onto the card!  I made this card for a challenge at .  The challenge was to make a card to fit the open end envelops from the catalog, these are long and skinny.  We were also supposed to find a card from the Stampin' Up! catalog to inspire us, but change it up a bit.  I chose the card at the top of page 37, and I changed the stamp set and trim.  To color the images, I used my Blender Pens.  Blender pens are great to color with, and you get subtle highlights that you just can't get with plain makers.  A blender pen is clear, and you dip the tip into your ink and color.  In between colors you clean you tip off by running it across a scrap piece of paper until the color runs clear again.
I added a bit of glitter for some sparkle!
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