Monday, February 18, 2013


Wow!  Eleven Days since my last post!!  Where has the time gone?  Valentine's day, that's where.  Zachary and Jillian each got an afternoon of craftiness to make their Valentine's day boxes for school, then the other days where filled with the preparing for Zachary's class party, my Wednesday night religious ed class party, and my Stamp-A-Stack on Saturday! So no crafty posts to my blog, but a whole lot of craftiness for me.  Here is Jillian's Valentine's box.   It's on the small side, so not great for a big class.  She only has 8 in her class so it was perfect.  We were surfing on Pinterest for some ideas and as soon as she saw this, it was settled.  The box is actually an oatmeal container.  I wrapped it in some retired Stampin' Up! paper that I have been hoarding because I love it.  I can't remember the name though.   I traced a small plate for a circle to make the lid. 

I used the Bird Builder punch (#117191) to make the vine that is climbing up Rapunzel's tower.  I placed the vine over the seam.  The flowers are punched from the Itty Bitty Shapes Punch Pack (#118309). I added little Pearls (#119246) and Rhinestones (#119246) to the flower centers. 
I searched the photos on my computer for a picture of Jillian and I found this photo that was perfect!  I printed it out and hand cut a window to go around it, complete with shutters.  I  used some old Embroidery Floss to make a braid and stuck it through a hole I made in the picture just under her hair clip. 
Jillian LOVES her box, she has it filled with chap stick and hair clips now that the party is over.
Zachary's box was a "Minecraft" Creeper, nowhere near as cute and pretty but he loved it just the same.  If you don't have young boys you may not recognize it.  Minecraft is a game with odd looking digital creatures and buildings, so we cut out a ton of squares with the square punch (#119877) in various shades of green, since creepers are green.  The kids in his class knew exactly what it was even though I didn't, so I guess we did a good job :)
I also made 50 of these heart shaped Woopie pies.   This week we are back to normal, so look for posts on a more regular basis! 

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