Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Cupcake Love!

I love cupcakes!  And I love the cupcake punch.  So cute and fun!!  July is birthday month around here, tons of birthdays for young and old, boy and girl in my family.  My grandma is turning 95!  My mother-in-law 70.  My birthday was Sunday, but I wont tell you how old :)    and the list of birthdays goes on.  
Since I am in birthday mode, I thought I would share a few quick ones I made.  This card uses the new Yippee- Skippee stamp set, so fun!  It's a super easy card, so I wont go into how to, but if you are wondering about that bite out of the cupcake, I used the new-ish small 7/8 scallop circle punch.
Fun right?  and if you noticed my boo-boo, pretend that its an underline!! :)  You know, I always say you should do you stamping first, before gluing, because if you make a mistake you can turn the paper over and try again.  So, did I follow my own advice?  No!  I completely finished my card, then stamped!!  I got a bit of ink on the bottom of the card and that is why there is a line there!!!  That's what happens when you stamp late at night and in a hurry!  I'm pretending that its an underline for the EAT THE CAKE.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it! 

Thanks for stopping by today!!
oh, and for all my Stamp Campers, this is not one of the birthday cards we are making at the Birthday stamp camp on the 20th.  Those will all be a surprise! (even for me, since I haven't started making them yet!!)

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