Monday, July 29, 2013

Party Hat


Birthday Party hat Party Favors!!  Another one of the projects from Stamp Camp a few weeks back. 
We used the Sketched Birthday stamp set to make the cute Happy Birthday banner at the bottom and the hat at the top, but the star here is the paper.  The Birthday Basics paper  was the inspiration for the hat treat holder.  I've made this shaped holder many times, but it was just perfect for the hats.

  The triangle box  is really simple, and you can get two from one sheet of 8 1/2 by 11 cardstock.
Cut your cardstock in half the long way.
Score the pieces at 5 1/2.  Actually you can score the 5 1/2 before you cut so that they are both done at once. 
Place a piece in your paper trimmer and make a tiny score mark at the half way point, or 2 1/8 inch at the top and bottom of the piece.  Now you are going to score from that  mark to the 5 1/2 score line.  Just line the points up with the cutting track of your trimmer and score.  Hard to explain in words for me, so hopefully you get it from the pictures.

It's hard to see the score lines in the photo, but look closely here and at the finished box and you'll get the idea.

Cut a patterned piece of paper at 4 by 5 1/4.  Now make a mark at the half way point at the top (2 inches).  Cut from the halfway point to the bottom corner as shown in the next picture.

Attach your patterned paper to the front of your box.  Its easier to decorate the front now when the box is flat. 

 Fold up your box.

Punch a hole into the side.  Then fold up the other side and punch a hole. 

Thread your ribbon through the top flap bottom flap, bottom flap top flap.  Fill your box with candy or what ever you like, then tie a bow.

Yea!  your box is done.  Finish decorating any way you like. 

I used the Birthday Basics paper and "Sketched Birthday" stamp set for my project.  The colors are summer starfruit, gumball green, and raspberry ripple.
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