Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Many Merry Stars

Hello Everyone!  I wanted to share this fun kit with you!  I have had it for a few weeks and finally had an opportunity to put some of it together.  I say some because what you see here is about half of the kit!  I still have so much left over!!  The kit makes one of the Huge star, which I am going to hang on my door, and 25 of the smaller stars. 

This is a video that shows you a few of the samples from the catalog.

This video shows some alternate ways to use some of the stars on other projects like cards and placeholders. 

I mostly just did my own thing and played around with all the elements that came with the kit.  I loved the wooden snowflakes!  You also get gold bakers twine, sequines, lots of glimmer paper stars and words, and newsprint stars and cherry cobbler stat stickers and words.

I loved the little paper bows, so the green one in the bottom left corner? They are so sweet.   You get two each of three colors.  And, a little sneak peek for you, there is a bow builder punch in the upcoming spring mini catalog!!!  

One thing I did with several of my stars is make them into fill-able treat holders.  I intentionally did not take the cover off the adhesive on the top flap.  Then I used a hole punch to punch a hole for ribbon. 

You can tuck the flaps in to the star and hold it closed with the ribbon.  But, by not taking the baking off the adhesive you can open and close the star.  I use a dental floss threader to thread the ribbon in the holes.  These are for people with braces or dentures. I found then bu the regular dental floss at the grocery store!  Thanks to Lois for giving me this tip!!

 Here is another one of the boxes with a refill-able top. 

This is the largest star hanging on my door! So pretty don't you think?
One thing I want to point out is that there are no holes in the sides of the stars to thread ribbon threw.  I used a hole punch in mine, adding the holes where I wanted them before attaching the back of the star.

All in all a super fun kit.  I saved some of the stars aside so that I could attempt to make a diorama like on I saw on Pinterest.  Here is a link to that star and mine will not be quite as fabulous, but I will try :)
  Thanks for stopping by!!

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