Thursday, December 18, 2014

MDS Blog Hop ~ What we are working on in December!

Hi Everyone!  It's MDS Blog Hop time again!  This week we are showing what we have been working on lately.  These are a few Christmas cards that I made.  I had hoped to show you the printed versions but they are expected to arrive Friday!!  One day too late for the Blog Hop!  I will try and post them on Monday if you would like to check back. 

I also made some new cookie recipe swatch books, also set to arrive on Friday.  This is the cover.  I have made something like this before and they are so fun to give.

On the front of the pages are pictures of the cookies.

On the back of the card is the directions.

Mixed in are a few pictures from over the years.
Jackie and I have been making cookies together since I got married 21 years ago.
Next up on the Hop is Holly!  I hope that you will hop along and check out what the rest of us MDS Blog Hoppers are working on this month!  We hope you will be inspired to try out MDS yourself!

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