Wednesday, May 4, 2016

May the 4th be with you! Some Star Wars fun!

Hello Everyone!!!  May the 4th be with you!!  May the 4th has been a favorite day for Star Wars fans for quite a while so I thought today would be a great day to share what I have been working on this week. 
It is Teacher Appreciation week at our school and the theme this year is Star Wars. 
First up is BB8.  I thought this new little droid was just so cute in the latest movie and so when I was tasked with making some treat holders for the luncheon I really wanted to make a BB8.  The Curvy Keepsake Die seemed the way to go, and I wanted to keep it a little simple because I had to make A LOT of them.  I was going to make little paper circles and strips from silver foil, but then the reality of that on 60 of them hit me and I went with a silver Sharpie instead.   You can do a lot more with this idea and really make it grand. I kept things simple due to the number needed. 

The handle on the Curvy Keepsake is hollow, but I needed it to be solid, so I traced it, then cut out a layer to go over it.  I used the tag from the Die set to help me make the silver and Pumpkin Pie lines on the head.

Front and back on of the head.  The "eye" was made with a hole punch in black and a smaller in red.

BB8 was really fun to make and I hope that they are well received. 
They are filled with chocolates.

I also made light sabers from pretzels and melted chocolates. I just wrapped the ends in some retired paper and added a band and 'buttons' for more detail.  Again, I didn't want to get crazy here because I needed to make a lot and I know they are just going to be eaten.  Cute but quick was the order of the day here.

Lastly my Daughter and I decorated the wall outside of the library.  Many parents took jobs of decorating different areas of the school and the doors of the classrooms.  It looks really fun throughout the school!

 Our R2D2 mural was made with Post-It notes. 

I hope you like my little May 4th Star Wars Fun! 
Thanks for stopping by!!


  1. Beth, these are such cool projects! BB8 is so cute. My son worked on the last Star Wars film.

    1. glad you liked my little BB8 Wendie, he seemed to get a good reception at the school, a few teachers asked if they could take more than one for their kids at home. I remember you mentioned your son worked on the last film but I can't remember in what capacity. My son wants to be an animator.


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