Monday, August 8, 2011

At the Beach

This week we are in Wisconsin!  This is a scrapbook page I did from the last time we went.  My mom, sister and I took the kids, mine as well as my brothers two, to Blue Harbor Resort.  The kids love spending time with their cousins.  The resort has a beach as well as an indoor water park with tube slides, a lazy river, Lily pad crossing, baby area and a few pools.  It was fun to see these pictures and compare them to how the kids look today.  Three of my sisters kids didn't come this year, they are teen agers and don't have as much fun with the little ones : )   These pictures are from 2007.  Ill post newer pictures when we get back and print them. It took me 3 Years to make these pages, so don't hold your breath : )  I scrapbook in random order, whatever interests me at the time.  I used to feel that I had to do things in order of date, but then I would not feel inspired by a group of photos and not do any for months.  Now I scrapbook whatever I like and find that I'm getting so many more pages done! And that's the point right, to actually have pages in that scrapbook!  The kids really enjoy going through the scrapbook and it makes them remember how much fun they have together.   I used to stress about having the perfect layout and theme, but again, the point is to have the pages in the scrapbook, so I encourage you to get  working on your favorite pictures.  Your family will love them and you will too.  Let yourself go and just create!    

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