Saturday, May 26, 2012

Last Minute Teacher Gifts

Back Pack Treat Holders!  I made these last year too but I couldn't help making them again.  They are so cute. They are pretty quick and easy to put together, too.   I filled them with a Starbucks gift card and some Godiva Chocolates, as well as a note from me.  The template is from my favorite paper craft website,  They have a "Resources" page with countless projects for you to try.  I go there whenever I feel like trying out a new technique or need a new treat holder.   The first thing you can do is print out the template, either directly onto your paper or you can cut it out of copy paper. 
cut out your pieces.
score along your score lines.  I go right through the template, with my card stock underneath.  You may need to go over the score lines again after you remove your template.
fold along your lines and punch our your holes.  I used an "anywhere" hole punch tool for this, as my hand held punch didn't reach the holes in the lid.
Attach your flap, and then punch holes in the box in the spots where they are on your flap.  By the way, I attached all my pieces with sticky strip since I figured the box would be handled a lot, opened and closed several times.  
Important:  You need to attach your ribbon before you assemble your box, otherwise you'll never be able to get  your hands in the box to tie the knots.  Start your ribbon going from the inside of the box to the outside at a bottom corner. 
Flip the box over and thread the ribbon through the next hole and back out again, leave the ribbon a bit slack so it looks like the shoulder straps on a back pack. 
make your top loop, going back into the box.
make your next shoulder strap.
cut the ribbon and tie knots to keep the ribbon from going back through the holes.
Now you can sticky strip your box together, add the front pocket if you like.  I added some matching corduroy buttons (love the clearance rack at Stampin' up!).   I used Velcro to keep my flaps closed.  Warning, I bought magnetic circles from Oriental Trading and they do not keep boxes closed.  I have tons of these little magnetic circles and they are so weak they cant hold cards onto my magnet board, or keep flaps closed.  Hopefully I'll find a use for them someday :) 
Fill your box with treats and give them to the various people at your school who deserve a thank you at the end of the year.  I gave one to the crossing guard too, she is always to nice to the kids and seems to know them all by name. 
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