Thursday, January 17, 2013

I Love a Bargain

I am sure I have mentioned how much I love the Clearance Rack.  I always find a great deal.  Well, I recently placed a nice tidy order from the clearance rack and I thought I would show you.  This great scrapbook was just $5.99 and I bought the ribbon on the clearance rack too a while back.  I bought the scrapbook because I have a lot of photos that are not digital, and I thought of scanning them, but decided to use some of the thousands of sheets of paper I already own to make some nice scrapbooks :)  There are also other styles on the clearance rack.  There is one called "Cute Christmas" which was actually badly named because it is not Christmas themed, it was just named that because it has co-ordinating paper that was in fact for Christmas.  I used it last year for an end of year scrapbook for the pre-school teacher. It turned out very cute! And there are also extra pages on sale too, in case the included pages are not enough. 
here is the one I made for the teachers using the "Cute Christmas" album.
And, I used another one of my favorite things on this album My Digital Studio!  See the cute tag?  I used my digital studio to create it.  The crayons are a digital stamp and so is the A+, and I added the teachers name in a text box and on the inside I used MDS to make the front page with the class photo and a paragraph or two about the year.   The children then each designed a page.  For my latest album I used My Digital Studio to make the text boxes.  I often don't like my hand writing, so I decided to do it on the computer.  And, I used some co0ordinating stamps to put behind the text at 30% opacity to add some depth, and I also cut out some enlarged stamps for some embellishments.
You can see the leaf image behind my journaling and the leaf image I cut out and added to my page.

Check out the Clearance Rank and see what treasures you can find!

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