Tuesday, February 4, 2014

New Personalized Stamps

Stampin' Up! released a new line of personalized stamps today!  They are really fun!  I went to the online store to check them out.   There are 5 different designs and when you choose one, you can make them say what ever you want.  I tried one out with my name...
You type in what you want it to say and click "Apply" to get a preview of what it will look like.

Here is a version for the backs of my cards...
or maybe I would change the "R" to something else entirely.  You could make it a "C" and have the line say "create".  You can make them however you want, so if you don't want them for addresses, you can make them for your baked goods labels if you bake a lot.  Homemade goodness just for you, with a big "C" and cookies in the middle.  Then you need to mail some to me of course!

Here are some other styles...

Head on over to the online store and check them out.  While you are there be sure to check out the new weekly deals, updated every Tuesday!  I got the valentine download of course!  

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