Friday, February 21, 2014

Thanks Kathy!

I received a fun card in the mail yesterday from my friend Kathy Leibfritz.  It was such a nice surprise and it couldn't have come at a better time.  I have been having a rough Jan and Feb and I can't wait for winter to be over.  That is so not my normal feelings about winter by the way.  Anyway as some of you know I hurt my knee at the start of the year and I am getting better but still only getting up stairs slowly and every so often I do something that hurts it again.   I tripped over an extension cord at stamp camp last week and fell over a pile of shoes near my back door on Tuesday.  But add to that I burned my hand pretty badly on Monday night too!  I like a show called "Secrets of a restaurant chef" and I learned that while cooking things on my stove top that it is a good idea to put things like chicken in the oven for the last bits of cooking, this seems to keep them from drying out.  So that's what I did, but the whole pan right into the oven as I finished the rest of dinner.  But did I use an oven mitt to take the pan back out?  No,  so I need to also be on the show "Worst cooks in America".   All five fingers were burned, especially behind the knuckles.  Now in reality I am not really that bad in the kitchen and I am a pretty decent baker, but this is just the sort of winter I am having.  Today for example I dropped an open bottle vegetable oil onto the kitchen floor, cleaned that up and then managed to drop an open bag of ground coffee.  And, I haven't made anything in my craft room in over a week. First my hand hurt too much, and then once my hand felt better I came down with a cold and I just want to lay around.  Wow! What a sad post that this is?
So, that is all to say Thank you to Kathy for the cheery card on a gloomy day, she truly does make the world a better place just as the card says!  I love the splattering of sequins and the bright colors from the Kaleidoscope Designer Series Paper!  Thank you Kathy for the card, and for giving me something that I can post onto my blog :)

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