Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A little more Zen

I am still playing with Zentangling.  It is really fun and relaxing.  The technique is found at this link if you would  like to see a video or more samples. I was looking for some stamps that would work will this technique and I didn't really have very many bold outline stamps.  I decided to go to MDS and search there.  I resized this coffee cup from the "Perfect Blend" download and printed it out. 

If you are familiar with this stamp, you might have realized that I altered it a bit.  I had to "Clean up" the sketchy-ness in the areas I wanted to "Zentangle".   The cup on the left is the cleaned up version.  To make it look this way I added a brush layer with the free form tool and added white on top of the lines to make them disappear.

After I printed the cup out, I added the separation lines.

Then I added my patterns and cut the cup out.

My fab son Zachary saw what I was doing and made his own version of Zentangling! Isn't it so cute!!?!  It is a "Cup of love" and it says "kind, super, nice, loving" at the bottom and the ice cubes all say things like "love" and "awesome".  He us such a sweetie!!

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