Wednesday, March 29, 2017

2, 4, 6 Basket

Hi everyone.  Today I wanted to share another fun Easter project.  I really love this basket.  It is just so cute! And it is also easy to make, which makes it even better.

To start you need a piece of cardstock cut at 6 by 6 inches.   Next score at 2 and 4 inches, then turn and score at 2  and 4 again.  You will have a tic tac toe board in score lines.  You can make this basket bigger by starting with an 8 or even 10 or 12 inch square.  You just need to divide your square into 9 equal parts as shown.

 The next step is to cut the corner squares into 3 equal parts as shown, cutting from to the center score line.  For the center squares ib the top and bottom, find the center and make a mark.  Then cut from that center line to the score lines.  You will end up with a triangle shape as shown.

 Cut off the tips of the inner two strips as shown.

You then need to fold the basket up as shown, layering the strips on top of each other until they look like this. You can then ad some glue or staple them into place.  Cut the little tip off the triangle that is above the basket sides.

A one inch circle folded in half will cover the tip and help keep all the layers in place.

Use a hole punch and brads to attach handles as shown.  These handles are half inch by 6 inches.

I hope you like this little basket as much as I do.

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