Friday, August 17, 2018

What is a Card Buffet?

Hi everyone!  You may have seen my posts or ads about my Card Buffet and you might wonder, "What is a Card Buffet?"   Card Buffets are super fun and are tailored to just what you need or want to do.  Just like at a Food Buffet, you can pick and choose just what you want to make.  I had a few people ask me about the card buffet that I run, and I thought I would share a quick video so that someone who is interested can see what it is like and get a better understanding of the types of things we do.  I run these twice a month, one evening and one daytime.  You can come to which ever fits your schedule and come and go any time during the time slot.  Customers and fellow Demonstrators are welcome. I hope that you will join me sometime!

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