Monday, September 12, 2011

Batty for You!

This little guy was posted on Stampin' Up! CEO Shelly Gardner's blog.  I thought he was so cute, I just had to make one of my own.  This Bat uses a few of my favorite 'Big Shot' die cuts, "Petal Cone" and "Perfect Pennants", both on page 221 of the Catalog.   You need to cut out 2 of the petal cone dies and 2 pennants to complete his body.  If you don't have the pennant die, you can make your own triangle wings by making a 3 1/2 by 5 rectangle, then cutting it on the diagonal. 
Once you have all your pieces, you can start turning them into a bat.  I tried all my circle punches to make the cut out for the head, but they all made too deep a cut and I just wasn't happy with them.  On my table was my sticky strip, so I tried that, and it was the perfect size. The important thing with this step is to make the cut out on the side of the petal cone die that has the flap.  I didn't do this the first time and when I assembled the bat, I didn't have a nice side to adhere the flap to,and I had to make it over.   On to the wings.  Some texture is added to the wings by running
them through the 'Spider Web' embossing folder.  Another boo boo I made when I made mine, was that I wasn't thinking about the raised/recessed sides of the embossing folder.  When I went to stick the wings on my bat, the right side had the web texture sticking up, the left side down, so I had to do one of the wings over again.   After you have your wings nicely webbed, you can add some detail to the bottom of the wings with your circle punch.  It worked best to start at the far tip of the wing and work your way in, so you get a nice tip, (guess how I know!).  To make them match, hold your first wing up to the second and trace where you want to punch your circles. Score your wings 1/4 inch in so you have a flap to use to attach the wing to the body.  You should score after you add any texture, like the webbing I used, or you will lose  your score line when you use your embossing folder, like I did.  Aren't you glad that I made all these mistakes for you so that you don't have to repeat them?
Once I had the body all put together, I sprayed it with my Silver Foil Smooch Spritz.  The picture doesn't pick it up, but it looks great and less flat with the spritz.  I need to use this stuff more often.  Some glimmer brads in 'Real Red' give his eyes a spooky look. The fangs were made with the points of a star punch.   I punched some holes in the sides to make a ribbon hanger, and added a Happy Halloween decoration to the bottom.  Hope you enjoy him!

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