Monday, April 8, 2013

Fun Clearance Rack Finds

Have you been to the clearance rack lately?  There are lots of great finds.   I recently had a customer find the cute Build A Bear dies.  These were really cute when they were in the catalog, so when they were discontinues I held onto them.  I thought my daughter would have fun with them.  I noticed that the Santa Suits and Halloween costumes were no longer available though, so I thought as a nice Thank you I would send some of these to my customer.  Well, then I had fun cutting them out and my daughter had fun putting some together, so I thought I would offer this to anyone.  So, if you purchase the 4 Build a Bear items that are still on the clearance rack (total of $23.96)  I will send you an assortment of fun Build a Bear clothes for free.  I cut out several of each for Marcella (just went out in the mail today Marcella) and I will do the same for you.  Clearance Rack items go fast, so hurry to get yours today.

Here is what I cut out.
Here are pictures from the old catalog.  To make the girl Santa, you use the belt and hat from the Santa kit, but the dress from the Beary Essentials (on the Clearance Rack).
This is also a picture from the old catalog.  The Witches dress comes from the Beary Essentials die, but you add the hat from the Halloween die. 

Cute and fun and Super Cheap right now!
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