Saturday, March 12, 2016

Sale-A-Bration!! Last Month!

It's the last month of Sale-A-Bration!! It's hard to believe but Sale-A-Bration is almost over!  There were so many great choices this year weren't there? 
If there were any items you wanted don't put it off too much because during the final stretch things go into a 'while supplies last' status and may be gone before the end of the month. 
If you are not familiar, Sale-A-Bration is an annual sale where you get to choose an exclusive product from the Sale-A-Bration catalog for each $50 you spend!

Another great promotion that is coming to an end is the joining promotion!  I will admit, when I joined I was skeptical.  What would I have to do, how will they 'get me' to spend, what will happen at tax time!  All of these things held me back for several months. But then I took the plunge and almost 13 years later here I still am!! If you join during Sale-A-Bration you get some added benefits that you would not get during the rest of the year.  The cost of joining is just $99, and you get A LOT for that $99.  Normally you would choose $125 worth of products for that $99, so basically $26 dollars in free stuff.  I am sure many of you have more than $125 on your wish lists :)
During Sale-A-Bration you can choose $155 worth of products for $99!!  an extra $30!  Once you get your starter kit you then have to do......
wait for it.....
Nothing else!!
this is a true thing. Stampin' Up! does not keep your credit number like a book of the month club and force you to spend another dime.  It is all up to you. You can choose to never log into their site again, never open another email, nothing will happen.  Sure they will let you know about a promotion that is ending or something, but nothing will happen to you, your credit, your name, nothing.   They are hoping of course that you will not fall off the map.  They are hoping you will come to love their products and community of stampers, the sharing of ideas and the friends you will make.  They are hoping that you will like the demonstrator website full of tutorials and videos and project ideas, the quarterly magazine, the weekly project email, and on and on.   I did! I loved it all.  I bought enough to stay active, $300 a quarter, and for a while that was all I did.  But then I was asked to do a scrapbooking night for  my sister's friend and my tiny business started.  Then I added a card making class and took in a little bit of side jobs making cards and party favors for people in the community,  Then I started realizing that I didn't actually need to purchase anything any more to stay active because I had sales coming in that more than covered my minimums.  I even had months that I made  a nice little sum.  As the years have gone by I have grown a small but steady business, and I only do one class a month currently.   You can do this too!  Or you can stay your only customer, that is fine too!  Or you can take your awesome starter kit and run!  Its all up to you!!
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