Friday, August 10, 2012

Double Peek-a-Boo!!

A few weeks ago Stampin' Up! held it's annual convention.  I did not get to go, but I was stalking the blogs of a few people that did.  One of the blogs had a video of a cute double Peek-a-Boo card, but it didn't explain how to make it.  I tried a few times and just couldn't make it work. Then another demo mentioned that she saw a how-to on You Tube! Yea!  I'm a visual learner so a video is perfect for me.  Well, turns out this card is super easy! I was completly over complicating it.   Imagine the possibilities!  I'm thinking Halloween would be great for this card!  I wish I  was good at making videos because the action of the card is really fun.  The first set of monsters is peeking out of the wholes in the card, cute all on its own.  But then... when you open the card a little slider comes out and two more monsters peek out at you. 
This is a halfway action shot of whats happening.  See, I told you I  need to learn to take videos because that would be way better. 
Here it is all opened up.  See, new monsters.  I think I need to make a halloween card with bats or ghosts that peek out and say boo when you open the card.  Stay tuned for that one, and in the meantime, go check out the video I linked to above!
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