Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Box it up!

I needed a box to fit a specific project.  Not too big, not too small, not too costly, or to fussy ( I need to make a bunch).    I stared at the items going into the box for a long time.  They were too big for the size of cello bags I had, so that wouldn't work.  My only solution was to just make a box from scratch.  I started by measuring the items going into the box.  A book, some pamphlets, and a pen.  These are for the welcoming committee to use as welcome gifts for visitors at church.  I was asked to make something to hold them all together.   This is what I came up with.   I have to make quite a bunch of them, so I couldn't make anything with too many steps or supplies.  I think they turned out pretty nice.  These look very fall like, so I'll make some others more neutral to get started for now.    I measured the items for how wide they are, and how thick.  Then I measured out the paper by adding an inch to each side of the width, added an inch for the thickness of the bottom. and scored.  I used my simply scored tool to score all my fold lines.  Then, sniped the tabs, and glued my box together. 

Next I decorated the box with a strip of co-ordintating designer series paper.  I added a bow and a button, and a tag reading "Welcome"
You can see that the ideas are endless for decorating.  You could add flowers or butterflies and make your box in any color and size. 
So, one down, twenty nine more to go! :)

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