Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Halloween Treat Purses!

I just love the Petite Purse Die, I have used it so many times.  You can dress the purses up for a bridal shower favor or change them into diaper bags.  I put some money inside to give a gift to my nieces.  So easy and so cute!   I would have never come up with this though.  Halloween purses.  And they are just so cute!!  I think my favorite is the Frankenstein.  I can not take any credit for these cuties, they were designed by another demo named Missi Roeber.  I loved them so much I had to make them too.   The petite purse holds about 7 or 8 Hersey kisses, which is what I filled them with.  You can fit a chap stick or other small things too. 
Start out with the die.  This die uses half of a sheet of cardstock, so two purses out of one sheet. 
I then sponged some ink around the purse, so it was a little smudgy.  This adds some depth, and we don't want a nice neat Frankenstein anyway, right?

Trace around the flap to get your hair for Frankenstein.  Attach the hair to your flap.  I added sticky strip to the back and front. Because the flap gets rounded, its easy for glue to separate your hair from the flap.  Be sure not to glue the little tab that keeps your box closed. 
Add a mouth with a black marker, two eyes and a nose, and you are all done.
I hope you like today's project. 
As always, feel free to call or email with any questions!


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