Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Paper Ornament

Yea!  I did it.  I just loved the paper ornament that was featured on the Seasonal Mini Catalog.  So pretty!  I admit, I was a bit intimidated, but I decided to tackle it since I had many customers asking about it.  Well, I love that I can tell you that it was super easy!  The only time consuming thing is stamping and cutting out all the ornament shapes with the big shot.  But even that wasn't too bad.   First thing you need to do is stamp 15 of both ornament sizes. 
Stamp 15 of each.  I was able to use one full sheet of paper and one tiny scrap of another.  So, cost wise, this is a pretty inexpensive project. 
Now, cut them all out with your framelit Dies and your Big Shot.   I cut one of each size at the same time to cut down on the number of times I had to crank the Big Shot.
Now, fold all of the onaments in half.  You them glue three together for each arm of the ornament.
I used these new Sticky rounds for the base.  They come 12 to a pack, and they really made starting the ornament very easy.
Next, I added some bits of tulle in between the first layer of ornaments, this adds a nice soft layer.  I didn't need to add any glue, the sticky round still had enough area for me to press the tulle down.  I did take my scissors to trim the center a bit.
Next i added a glob of hot glue.
Add the Red layer next, pressing them down into the glue, and moving them in between the green layer.  Then add another glob of glue to the center for you medallion.   I forgot to mention that you should have your medallion ready to go so the glue doesn't dry. 
There are a few ways to make a medallion.  I think the easiest is to use your scallop circle punch.  I used the large one for this ornament, but I think I'm going to go down a size for the rest of them, to show more of the red ornament.  I cut out my paper by centering the punch over the patterned paper to get the pattern to look centered on my finished medallion. 
  Fold the circle in half in between each scallop, then snip one of the fold lines to the center.  Fan fold them, and attach the two together.
I then added a vintage faceted button with a pearl in the center.  All done.  Very pretty!

I hope you'll give this project a try, its a great bang for the buck, easy, just a bit time consuming to cut out all your pieces.
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