Friday, June 8, 2018

Using Decorative Masks with Bleach

 Hi Everyone! Today I would like to share some cards I made while playing around with  the Decorative Masks and Bleach.  I used bleach on  a card a very long time ago and I figured it was time to do it again.  Of course as soon as I got it into my head to try it, I realized I was out of bleach.  So, the next time I was out at the store I picked up a bottle and later sat down to use it.  I got everything out and ready, cardstock cut and applied the bleach with a sponge.  I thought I would see instant change as I remembered happening before, but nothing happened.  The cardstock looked wet, but it did not change color.  I waited a bit to see if it would change eventually, but no.  Then I noticed something on the bottle of bleach.  'Color Safe'   What?!? How did I not know about color safe bleach?  I was so surprised. I am always so careful about dealing with bleach near the laundry for fear of splashing any on fabric.  Now my laundry is safe, but I couldn't do my craft project.  Next time I was at the store, I looked more carefully at the bleach and bought one that is called 'Splash-less'.  It is a bit thicker to reduce the chance of splashing and accidentally ruining my clothes! And, It is not color safe so I can do my craft projects! YAY!
I finally got to do the card that was floating around in my head for weeks.  The way the bleach reacts to cardstock is different from one color to the next, so try it out on a scrap piece first.  Notice how lime-yellow the Tranquil Tide cardstock turns.  The Balmy Blue turned a soft not quite white/not quite ivory color. I made a short video with tips and tricks to the cards.
My cards use Oh So Eclectic stamps and dies, I love the layering possibilities with this collection.  The sentiment is from Love What You Do.  I hope you like this idea and give it a try. 

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